Frequently Asked Questions.

You can register by clicking on register button on top bar right side and in new page you'll have ability to register with email address or one of your social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google or Github.

Your data are compeeltly safe and secure on TJD STUDIO, We are supportning EU GDPR and you can have access to all data we're collecting from you, we are not colecting any bank account info nether sensetive peronal data such as ID no. Insurance No. etc.  For more information about security please read:

Terms & conditions

Privacy Policy

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Currently it's not possible to terminate your account but this function will be add to your profile soon.


Note: Your account will be terminated 30 days after you submitted your request, during this 30 days you will not be able to do what other users can and your access will be limited to cancel your request only.

You need to register in this site (TJD STUDIO) first and you can send your request for posting articles from your profile page.

Note: For users to be accepted as writer is important to fill their profile info completely.

You can edit your article before being reviewed by TJD STUDIO staffs, once it's been reviewed whether is accepted for publishing or not you will lose your right to edit your article.

TJD STUDIO forbid it's users of deleting their articles once they get accepted and published on the site, the reason TJD STUDIO doesn't let writers delete their articles even if they terminate their accounts is for our SEO. Please read copy right section as well.

If you are trying to publish an article on TJD STUDIO make sure the article you're about to publish is written by you and not copied from other website, in case that you need to refer to other websites articles make sure to link them as resources at the bottom of your article.

Once your article is published on TJD STUDIO the copyright of that article will be belongs to TJD STUDIO however your details will be attached as writter, but in case someday you want to close your account, etc. TJD STUDIO might have decide to keep your article alive under TJD STUDIO writers name and refuse to remove your article from listing.

You are only allowed to sell DIGITAL products (not physical products) in ZIP format which can be downloaded easily by our users.

Products to sell:

- Themes (CMS themes such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop etc.)

- Templates (HTML5)

- Plugins

- Modules

- Web Applications based on (PHP, ASP .Net)

- Video Tutorials (including: web design tutorials, web development tutorials, software tutorials such as Adobe Photoshop etc.,)

Note: We are only accept video tutorials created in English & Bahasa Indonesia.


Your products must be:

- Created by you

- Well coded

- Code Commented

- Bundled in ZIP format

- No track back to your website etc. (You are only allowed to use your name and email address for support purpose)

- Image must be in ZIP file IMAGES folder.


NOTE: If there is complain about your base codes source TJD STUDIO will keep it's right to remove your item(s) without any notification and refrain of paying you for previous sales till that date.


You need to register in this site (TJD STUDIO) first and you can send your request for selling products from your profile page.

Note: For users to be accepted as seller is important to fill their profile info completely.

To be able to withdraw your sells money you can send withdraw request after your sells reaches $50. Your money will be transfer to your paypal account within 2-4 working days.

Selling price will be decided by you, however TJD STUDIO might sometimes change the price to the reasonable price base on the quality and functionality of your product.

Indonesian citizens can pay their bills in orders page by clicking on MIDTRANS button. once you click on Midtrans button your bill price will be converted to IDR (base on the time exchange price) and you're able to pay your bills with lots of options that has been provided to you.


If you're not able to pay online for any kind of reason send us an email we will contact you shortly.

Non-Indonesian Citizens (WorldWide) can pay their bills trough PayPal by clicking on PayPal button on orders page.

As at TJD STUDIO we are only selling Digital Products and no physical products, the only way that you can have request for getting back your money is to proving that downloaded file is broken.


How to prove downloaded link is broken?

  1. Start record your screen.
  2. Start to download purched file from TJD STUDIO while you recording your screen.
  3. Try to open the file.



  1. make sure your internet connection is stable
  2. Use download manager such as EagleGet

1- Choose product of your interest

2- Click on add to cart button

3- Click on proceed

4- Pay with PayPal or Midtrans

5- Download your file.

After adding product(s) to your cart, you can finalize your order by clicking on Check Out button,

Next step we will process your personal data if all your data are provided you can click on Proceed button and you'll redirect to your orders page where the history of all your previous and current orders is stored.

In orders page you'll have two options to pay your bill, by PAYPAL (worldwide users) or by MIDTRANS (Only for Indonesian users).

Bank wire payment is only available to Indonesian Citizens.

Supported banks:



For more information contact us.

TJD STUDIO will give each buyer 3 days for testing their files before converting shopping status to completed, during this 3 days you'll have enough time to download and test downloaded files for any kind of issue and objections.

After 3 days of your purchase your product status will change to completed and you'll lose ability of objections or money back requests.