How to paginate search results in laravel?

How to paginate search results in laravel?

There is 2 ways to paginating your search results in laravel.

  1. From blade file
  2. From controller file


1. From blade file

in your view where you display pagination...

{{ $results->appends(Request::except('page'))->links() }}

appends keeps the query string value except "page".

Note: don't forget to change your route from post to get.


2. From your controller file

public function search(Request $request) {

  $search = request('search');

  $posts = Post::where('title', 'like', "%{$search}%")
         ->orWhere('description', 'like', "%{$search}%")
         ->where('publish', '=', 1)
  $posts->appends(['search' => $search]);

  if(count($posts) > 0) {
    return view('', compact('posts', 'search'));
  } else {
    return view ('', compact('posts','search'));


we have included append to our controller in order to get results in pages while they passed to our url

$posts->appends(['search' => $search]);


Simple isn't it?


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